Virtual and Augmented Reality is a rapidly growing trend in our daily life.  It has far reaching implications that influence all of us, sometimes without us even knowing.

VR and AR allows you to enter an immersive and interactive 3D, 360-degree world where anything is possible.

Iconic360 is an international VR and AR agency that has the depth of expertise, knowledge and experience needed to produce first class content for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

We Recognise

Our creative team works closely with our medical team to diagnose your needs.  Then they devise the most appropriate solutions to address them and apply your preferences.

We Design

Iconic360 team members work with medical experts to make our solutions fully compliant with appropriate regulations. We put excellence and aesthetics on the same level. 

We Accomplish

We focus on your project at all times, right down to the finest details.  We work closely with you all the way to succesfully develop your project and produce the results you expect them to.

We Recognise

Iconic360 studies education trends and cooperate with museums and teachers to find new ways to make learning interesting and exciting.

We Design

Education is the foundation stone for a good life and we believe that AR and VR improve the ability to learn in and out of the classroom.

We Accomplish

Wherever you want to place your AR or VR, be it in schools, museums, librairies, Scouts or even in your home, you can be assured that your ideas will take education to the next level.

We Recognise

AR and VR technology is becoming more and more prominent in entertainment. Talking to actors gives us an insight into the future of performing arts.

We Design

We believe that leisure time is the key to a happy life and we design VR and AR to make it more fun and accesible to everyone.

We Accomplish

Completed on time and with everything you need, you can be assured that your project has had the upmost of care and thought during the process and that in can only help you improve your performance.


Content Processing

We customise the process to suit you so that you get the best content.

  • You name the problem and the message you want to convey.
  • To make your idea more effective we talk to you and find the right solution.
  • Storyboard creation starts to get an initial draft of your ideas.
  • We then choose the best technology to use and the best way of viewing it.
  • Production of the video commences with live project management.
  • We have close cooperation with you, the customer, with regular updates and meetings so that you can see what is happening throughout the process.
  • When everything is finished we deliver your media fully operational and on time.
  • All copyrights can be transferred upon request.

AR/VR-featured apps and content

We get the best out of technology to extend reality through:

  • Identifying where AR and VR can be applied with the most success.
  • Tracking image creation and definition.
  • Producing 360° video with the best processing.
  • 3D animation modelling and rendering.
  • Interactive AR and VR scenes.
  • Corresponding narration.
  • Producing materials that can be used on Cardboards, 3D printed viewers, Samsung Gear and Oculus.

Cutting-edge Technology

Iconic360 uses the most reliable technology and solutions to:

  • Develop web and mobile applications.
  • Ensure smooth and seamless project management.

We make use of the following to inspire and excite your audience:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Live communication
  • Audio and Video connections
  • The 9 sensors in your smartphone.
  • Key Performance Indicators definition and measurement.
  • UI/UX quality proof.

Virtual reality - google cardboard
Virtual reality - Samsung gear VR
Virtual reality - Oculus Rift
Virtual reality - Vrideo
Virtual reality - Youtube
Virtual reality - Unity

We work closely with our partners at
They design and produce cardboards that work brilliantly with our materials.
Have a look at their website:

Google cardboard

An easy and affordable way to view 360 videos using your smartphone.

Samsung gear VR

More technologically advanced but at a higher cost. The downside is that it can only be used with Samsung phones.


The best and most expensive VR viewer on the market. This is the ultimate way to become immersed in any 360 content.


Headset, two wireless controllers and two base stations enabling 360° room-scale motion-tracking.

Our Work

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